Decision Analysis

I have been an instructor for two online courses through the U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s National Conservation Training Center. Both courses are part of the larger Structured Decision Making curriculum to improve conservation decision making nation wide. During these courses, I helped to create teaching materials, gave short lectures and led recitation sections in smaller groups. This has allowed me to develop my skills leading online discussions, which is increasingly valuable with the prevalence of distance learning and teleconferencing.

Course Links:

Decision Analysis for Climate Change

Adaptive Management: Structured Decision Making for Recurrent Decisions

Biology for Non-majors

At UTK, I was involved with an interdisciplinary effort to develop a seminar for upper-level mathematics and computer science students. In this course, Survey of Biology for Computational Scientists, I led 12 class periods of lecture and discussion on topics of Ecology, Evolution, and Conservation Biology.

Youth education

In the Summers of 2013 and 2014, I developed the curriculum for and co-taught a week-long summer course for high school students focusing on environmental microbiology. With an active learning strategy, “The Unseen World” combined field and lab work to allow the students to explore their own scientific questions. Students collected soil samples from a local stream site, and used these samples to conduct multiple enzyme assays and examine the microbial community through microscopy. At weeks end, they would present a poster showing results created to test their own hypotheses.


In 2011, I taught for 5-months aboard a sailing vessel in the San Francisco Bay area.  With the non-profit, Call of the Sea, I taught programming that targeted area students from elementary school through high school.  Short sails for younger students covered navigation skills, simple water chemistry, and local ecology. On multi-day sails with older kids, I aided the students in developing their own hypotheses and experiments to pursue as we traveled around the bay and ocean.